Conscious Profit Institute

A Network of Thought Leaders

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Conscious Profit Institute (CPI) is a network of Faculty Members – innovative thought leaders growing the good for a more conscious and caring world. Each is a committed professional with a passion project that brings solutions to a particular audience in the space of learning, cooperation, and imagination. We are coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs, artists, healers, community leaders, and career professionals from diverse backgrounds and fields of experience and knowledge, addressing human needs and aspirations, leveraging partnerships, and devising creative and sustainable solutions.

Our Work is Transformational

Joined through the powers of trust, respect, and common ground, we unleash the radical potential of what enables humans, businesses, and environments to thrive together. Our Faculty create training opportunities, online courses and programs, literary works, and other digital products designed to improve your life and wellbeing in a variety of disciplines. In the realms of sociology, psychology, anthropology, organizational development, and environmental studies, we work to realize the full potential of the CPI’s 9 Guiding Principles.

The 9 Guiding Principles

The 9 Guiding Principles comprise a system for career professionals, entrepreneurs, and change-makers to innovate and carry ideas to fruition. These principles emerged through experience, research, and the support of great mentors. They have been tested on daily challenges, confirmed in practice, and deepened through reflection.

Cultivating Awareness

Cultivating Awareness is a foundational principle for growing the good for ourselves and others, be it transforming scarcity into abundance, conflict into harmony, invisibility into recognition, despair into hope. 

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 Whether we need to enliven a team, conquer a business-as-usual culture, re-imagine ourselves, put our values into action against the values of an organization (and thrive!), shift the trajectory of our journey toward a new career, or start our own business – the first step is waking up to the reality of our situation, the importance of our dreams, and the power of our choices.

Embrace Diversity

Embracing Diversity comes through recognizing the inherent diversity of life on Planet Earth. 

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Life wants to happen in blatant defiance of Darwinist theories that claim life is all about Survival of the Fittest. In reality, life on Earth has thrived not through fierce competition but through Specialization and Cooperation. On the Galapagos Islands, in times of abundance, the birds have been observed to eat anything they can. Yet in times of scarcity they specialize. Birds with the biggest and strongest beaks break open hard-shelled nuts, leaving the smaller kernels for others. This principle is also about working with an economy of effort – preserving our biggest efforts for where they are most needed while eliminating waste and saving time.

Inspire Respect

Inspiring Respect empowers the benefits of diversity through appreciation and understanding

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It casts out the toxins of assumption, distrust, indifference, othering, and type-casting so that we can see each other through the lenses of trust, respect, and common ground. Inspiring Respect in ourselves and others is shifting the gravity of what we perceive as between us toward what could be amongst us. This is where we can start to lean-in, bending toward one another in the context of our individual and collective potential. 

Encourage Cooperation

Encouraging Cooperation is moving from being together toward acting together for the common good.

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This principle is where we put our diversity and respect for one another into action for a common goal. Life in a multitude of forms has thrived not through competition, as competition is far too demanding on resources, but rather through cooperation and specialization. If we observe powerful teams, they are powerful because they were formed with cooperation and specialization in mind. Team members are honored for their diversity and assigned roles that put their strengths into action. 

Generate Value

This principle is demonstrated by the Three Sisters Model of companion planting used by the Hopi Nation. 

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They planted corn, beans, and squash together such that each plant would give the other what it needed to thrive. The Corn Sister, a heavy nitrogen feeder, provided scaffolding for the Bean Sister. The Bean Sister in turn had the ability to replenish the Corn Sister’s soil with nitrogen. The Squash Sister draped her prickly leaves over the soil, providing shelter for all from the sun and pests. Yet the Three Sisters Model is not just for planting gardens. It is a model for every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

Seek Sustainability

Seeking Sustainability means that we are not focused so much on short-term gains as we are on the long game. 

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Out of desire and urgency, we feel compelled to make something happen now. In turn, we exert an effort powerful enough to create an explosion of short-term results, but such a “flash in the pan” is likely to exact high costs to the players involved and unwittingly extend those costs to others, with unanticipated consequences. Such a train of circumstances is most often a prelude to depletion and exhaustion, leading to conflict and lost opportunity. Whereas Seeking Sustainability is the principle that keeps us present and mindful of the impact of our actions on ourselves, others, and the future.

Spark Imagination

Sparking Imagination is the Guiding Principle that asks us to transcend the current state for the sake of creating something new

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Though the current state is important to understand and learn from, creating from it is akin to moving the same furniture around the same old room. Sparking Imagination gets us out of the room where we can envision new ways, untethered to past expectations and established ways of being and doing. Sparking our imaginations is about the What and not about the How. The How comes through the other principles, but the genesis of every How is a vision of something new.


Exercise Commitment

Exercising Commitment is deliberately engaging the energies of attachment to remain steadfast in the process of achieving a goal –  the process as informed by the other eight Guiding Principles. 

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When exercising commitment, we set ourselves up for engagements that cannot be easily dissolved. We step all the way in, becoming immersed in the journey, stretching ourselves, enduring whatever difficulties come our way. Though struggle is not sustainable, the journey through is not negotiable. Such attachment would be a fatal liability but in harmony with the rest of the Guiding Principles, it is the rigor that is needed to stay the course until we discover the treasure that awaits us, and carry it back in service of growing the good for ourselves and others.

Prioritize Learning

This principle is founded on curiosity and is a safeguard against complacency, denial, arrogance, and mindless action. 

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Learning exerts a persistent pressure that keeps us awake in our actions, opening doors with knowledge, experience, and understanding. There is never a solution so great that cannot be made greater through learning. Prioritizing Learning is the constructive action we can always take, in spite of our powerlessness over difficulties and events. Prioritizing Learning is the insistence that there is a better way regardless of the past or present circumstances. It is “staying on the field” regardless of the conditions and doing the work that creates breakthroughs.

How We Support Faculty

As a Faculty Member, you are supported to bring your passion projects to the market through a variety of services: life and business coaching, one-to-many marketing systems, and community support that you may receive the kind of holistic support that not only grows your business or practice but safeguards your health, relationships, and joy in living.  

We will support you to create business-building campaigns to generate and nourish leads, guiding prospects and followers on an awareness journey that gets them to know who you are and what you provide – leading them to buy your products, services, and programs.

Benefits of Membership

As a Faculty Member, your product or offer will be hosted and implemented within the Conscious Profit Institute sales funnel. This gives you the benefit of avoiding a personal investment or subscription to an often expensive and complicated software platform. Conscious Profit Institute will absorb the time and much of the cost of this effort to launch your product into the digital realm. With access to the contacts within your offer’s sales funnel, you can create specific campaigns to nurture and upsell these leads and create passive income. In return, you will give Conscious Profit Institute a 20% commission on your sales, pay a one-time fee for Faculty membership, and a monthly maintenance fee.