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Conscious Profit Institute Faculty Members

Our Faculty are experts in their fields. They are part of our network of professionals, bringing their passion projects to Conscious Profit Institute and creating passive income generated by their products within the CPI sales funnel.

Ron Gilliland

Founder, Conscious Profit Institute

Ron is certified in the Co-Active coaching model, logging more than 25,000 coaching hours to date. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Integral Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies and studied counseling psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. As the founder of The Conscious Profit, Ron’s coaching style draws on many methodologies, fields of study, and areas of research.

Our Faculty

Allison Lamplugh

Allison has over a decade of experience working in various writing, marketing, promotional, and leadership roles. Her experience in retail, educational, and corporate atmospheres offer a unique perspective to everyday challenges. As the Founder and Creative Director of Lamplight Creatives, her mission is to help entrepreneurs elevate their brands and their businesses while staying abreast of modern marketing trends.

Ann Warnock

Ann Warnock is a leadership and life coach who has devoted her career to helping people fulfill their potential. She is the creator of LEAP: Lead from Embodied Authentic Power, and has coached business leaders and entrepreneurs for 16 years. Ann also directed multiple professional and personal development programs in various settings. She received her coach training from CTI and holds a B.S. in Business Management.

Jackie Hanzal

Jackie Hanzal is a passionate whole foods plant-based foodie, health and wellness advocate, environmentalist, and animal rights activist. Jackie believes wholeheartedly in the healing power of plants. She has spent more than 20 years veganizing and perfecting healthy plant-based cuisine. She is especially interested in helping others transition to a vegan diet for the sake of their health, the health of the planet, and for the animals.

Kristin Taylor

Kristin Taylor holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and is trained as a narrative therapist. Kristin has developed her own narrative coaching method; an amalgamation of mindfulness and meditation, neuroscience, narrative and cognitive behavioral approaches to reducing self-doubt, anxiety, stress and inspiring personal transformation. She has recently authored the book and course re:MIND.

Lorna McLeod

Lorna McLeod, PCC, is a certified financial coach and trainer who brings humor and 30 years of activism to her Make Peace with Money work. Her program helps those who are passionate about peace and justice to address money conflicts, get out of debt, and build financial freedom so they can focus on effectively fulfilling their life’s work.

Rose-marie Fernandez

Rose-marie Fernandez is a Professional Certified Coach, trainer, facilitator, HR consultant and author. She works with individuals in structured professions, to move their mind-set from Overwhelm to Abundance. She  incorporates tried and tested methodologies from neuroscience, psychology, and the social sciences. Through her work she has impacted thousands of lives having worked in several countries around the globe.

Terry Linde

Terry Linde is the President of Destiny Management, LLC, and proud to have over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. A certified personal trainer, Terry has owned clubs and developed a personal training and nutrition system that is proven to work. His newest system helps Type 2 Diabetics free themselves from the hassles, angst, and heartache of diabetes. Learn to manage your blood sugar through fitness and nutrition, and conquer diabetes with Terry’s proven 7-step system.

Additional Faculty Resources

These resources are trusted organizations and individuals in our network. We invite you to collaborate with them as needed as you outline or design your digital products or offers.

Lamplight Creatives

Branding, Marketing, and Promotions – Solutions for building websites, creating content, graphic design, and digital advertising

Marcy Nelson-Garrison

Transformational Product Coach – Assistance creating products or programs your ideal customer wants to buy

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