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Our faculty bring their expertise to you through their unique products, courses, and training – all of which are designed to create meaningful impact and grow the good in your life.

These exclusive offers are brought to you in partnership by the Faculty who created it and Conscious Profit Institute.

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Discover Lasting Peace With Money

Money need not be a struggle. Learn how you can live in harmony and ease with money with financial coach and author Lorna McLeod. Focus your resources, energy, and time on that which has true meaning for you. Get your free Peace with Money Playbook and learn more about the Make Peace with Money Program.  

Offer from Lorna McLeod, Financial Coach and Author

Get the Career Recognition And Opportunity You Deserve

Tired Of Leading Your Team Without The Title Or The Money? Wondering if it’s time to leave your job? Strengthen your leadership presence and get the recognition and opportunity you deserve. Discover a powerful process that strengthens your leadership presence and frees you to grow and advance. Take a 2-minute quiz to get the answers you need. Learn your next step.

​Get the clarity you need. Find out what is and is not working.

Offer from Ron Gilliland, Coach and Founder of Conscious Profit Institute

Transform Your Health And Your Life

Transform your health and your life through the powerful practice of plant-based eating with practical tips, helpful perspectives, and nutritional insights. 

Brought to you by Jackie Hanzal, Plant-Based Consultant and Coach

Unlock Your Authentic Power To Increase Your Influence And Impact

Are you hearing the call of your soul to take a leap? Is it time to increase your influence and impact for meaningful change? Being a transformational leader (no title or position required) takes more than innovative strategies and skills. To create the future you envision, you’ll need to evolve into your higher self. Learn 5 Keys to Unlock Your Authentic Power by illuminating your heart’s wisdom through mindfulness, intention, and action. 

Offer from Ann Warnock, Leadership and Career Coach

Graphic Design Basics To Beautify Your Brand

Learn how to create beautiful graphics in minutes without hiring a designer or spending big money. Attract hundreds (or thousands!) of targeted customers with a simple design blueprint that you can start using today. This 4-part, self-paced online course will teach you design basics so you can design like a pro using Canva.

Offer from Allison Lamplugh, Founder and Creative Director of Lamplight Creatives

Conquer Your Diabetes!

Learn to manage your blood sugar without having to give up foods you love. This 12-week course is designed to educate you on all of the key nutrition and fitness principles to effectively manage your blood sugar. You will learn to understand the feedback your body is giving you – while learning how to make adjustments and manage your blood sugar and health – without having to give up the foods you enjoy. Our team will customize a fitness and nutrition program for your unique system and lifestyle.

Offer from Terry Linde, Founder and Personal Trainer at Destiny Management


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